The Mandalorian

If you were to ask any member of my family – at any point in my life – who my favorite Star Wars character was, my answer would have been swift and certain – Boba Fett. To me, Boba had the most compelling story. A bounty hunter with no true loyalty to anyone but himself. As the Star Wars franchise has progressed there have been many fascinating characters and story arcs added, but Boba Fett has remained my favorite. Once news of The Mandalorian broke, I couldn’t help but be excited as to what a story based around a character with similar lineage to Boba would have to offer.

My number one concern was, would this spin off actually feel like Star Wars? That worry was, thankfully, put to rest within the first few minutes of the first episode. The Mandalorian absolutely looks like Star Wars. It’s filmed like Star Wars and you are reminded of that fact with a shot of a speedster – a beautiful callback to A New Hope in my opinion.

I never thought I would use the phrase ‘space western’ but that is exactly what The Mandalorian is – a loan cowboy making his way through the galaxy with a secret heart of gold. Just trade in that cowboy hat for a helmet and viola! Yes, it is a little trope-y but with the added excitement of space creatures, ships and advanced weaponry you don’t truly mind it.

The fact that The Mandalorian never has the main character take off his helmet was extremely important to me. In the Star Wars cinematic universe, individuals who stay masked are meant to convey the facelessness of evil – think Darth Vader. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. The Mandalorian as a character is willing to work with anyone who has enough credits, and yet he saves a child from the clutches of those who wished to harm him.

With so few episodes released and so much more information to be gathered, I am looking forward to many rewatches in the future.

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