Point of View at Wonderspaces

Interactive art exhibits are some of my absolute favorite so when I heard there was one relatively close to me I made it a personal mission to make time to see it.

Point of View at Wonderspaces is an incredibly cool collection of art installations. Every single piece requires quality time and are all visually engaging.


The exhibition includes a few virtual reality experiences, some immersive large installations that you walk into and around to experience, and a few that directly respond to human interaction. Every single one seems to be magical.


It’s very hard to express in words the enormity and complexity of each piece and so I won’t even begin to try to. You truly cannot substitute being in the same space as these pieces and experiences.

I could have very easily spent hours upon hours at this location, and having the bar with tasty drinks and snacks was a wonderful touch.

The guides are incredibly helpful and are stationed at each piece to let you know additional information and helpful ways of viewing the installation. I generally like to take in art for myself but the guides were well informed with interesting facts and overall made it a more enjoyable experience.

The Point of View exhibition is now closed but fortunately, another exhibit will be taking its place on October 15th: Elsewhere. I am so excited to see what the Wonderspaces team will be bringing in with this new piece!

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