Hash Kitchen

Weekends are solely for brunching and this past weekend was no different. Hash Kitchen has been on my radar for quite some time and I finally had the opportunity to try it out.


The atmosphere is adorable complete with an actual in house DJ. The music ranged from Queen to Bad Bunny, creating an interesting vibe inside.


The menu offers typical brunch fare with dishes that are both sweet and savory. I decided to go with the Mexicana – a scramble with chorizo, peppers and onions – as well as an order of pancakes.

I was severely disappointed with the food. Never in my life have I had chewy chorizo but Hash managed to accomplish that. I was only able to force myself to swallow a few bites before giving up. The potatoes were tasteless and I had to drown them in hot sauce and ketchup for them to be edible. The pancakes were some of the densest I have ever had. They more closely resembled biscuits than pancakes.

Ultimately, the only reason I am willing to return to Hash Kitchen is for the mimosa flights they offer. However I won’t be returning with an appetite.

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