Dark King

Aenor, who was once a fae princess, now lives in the human world. She is powerless and most of all, broke. Living underground with her new friend Gina, a teenager she helped get off the streets and away from a few demons, life is a struggle but at least Aenor is free. That is until, she is attacked by two very large male fae, one of which happens to be a demi-god named Lyr. Aenor is offered a deal. Have Gina taken care of and go with Lyr or both of them die by his hands.

Lyr requires Aenor’s presence for one very specific purpose. He needs her to track down a magical knife that is imbedded with her family’s power.

I wanted to like this novel so much but it truly ranks right in the middle of the spectrum for me. Everything from story to character development had me going ‘meh’. Nothing the author really wrote compelled me to truly invest in these characters – and I’ve loved books from C.N Crawford in the past. I didn’t feel as though there was any true progression in the novel and then within the last few pages it was rushed to have somewhat of an ending and a cliffhanger at that. I understand that Dark King was the first in the series but it left me with more questions than answers. Namely, why was the book even named Dark King when Lyr played such a miniscule part?

I also wondered why Aenor never sought to prove her innocence to her people. The outlandish story that was told to her at the dinner table detailing why the other fae thought how and why she lost her powers made absolutely no sense and as soon as she disputed it, everyone seemed to drop it. The reason she lost her powers, and definitely the most compelling character in the book, was one we didn’t hear nearly enough about. I hope that Salem has a much bigger role in any future installments of this series.

Because I do realize that this is the first in a series, I will most likely read the next installment whenever it is released. There is much room for improvement in the series but there is a solid foundation to grow upon.



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