Shadow Hunter

When Erin’s magic manifested at puberty, her parents sold her to the Illuminati thinking they would train her to use her immense powers. The Illuminati trained Erin how to use her powers but as an assassin, spy, and thief. However, when they sent Erin to steal a magical artifact that revealed the truth, she realized the Illuminati was actually an evil organization hellbent on power. Because of their deception, the Illuminati paid the ultimate price and was decimated.

Thousands of miles away, Erin finds herself a job in a magical little bar. Soon she realizes that the Illuminati isn’t as out of the picture as she would have hoped. Erin must get to the bottom of a vampire power struggle and avoid the path of a vengeful Hunter if she wishes to continue living a normal, peaceful life.

I loved the premise of this novel, which is why I downloaded it onto my kindle app as soon as I read the synopsis. However, the second I started reading, I had to confirm that this was actually the first novel in the series. The author’s writing is all over the place. It is almost as if she expects you to already know everything about the characters and jumps around accordingly. It felt like I was plopped down in the middle of the story within the first few pages. Absolutely nothing in this novel was compelling. I didn’t truly believe the Illuminati were evil because there was no reason to.

I also felt as though Erin flipped back and forth between worldly to childlike in a way that didn’t make sense. She has traveled far and wide, yet had never actually tried pizza? The reasoning behind that was because she had only been to the fanciest of restaurants to seduce her prey, but while she was hunting them she wasn’t able to make her own food choices? Erin also completely lacked any sex appeal whatsoever yet her prowess was mentioned an innumerable amount of times in the novel. She was supposed to have seduced powerful men but she can’t have a normal conversation with a man? These are not the only issues I had with the story telling. Erin reminisced on traveling to far away lands, including Ireland which is an entire island, and yet she claimed to have never spent time at the ocean. Erin was meant to be trained as a spy and yet she told secrets to literally every character in the novel. With every page I became more and more frustrated with the misalignments in her character.

Although this is a series, the first novel was more than enough for me. I do not feel compelled to find out any more about any singular character within the pages of this book.


Rating: 3/10

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