Nerdy Ways to Enhance Your Self Care Routine

Why did no one warn us that being an adult was so difficult? With the combined pressures of work, school, bills and other responsibilities it’s hard to believe that we are all still so sane. Self-care has become a huge conversation had in the past few years to help alleviate the stresses of day to day. Incorporate some of your favorite fandoms in your de-stress rituals with these nerdy ways to enhance your self care routine.

Pokemon Face Masks

pokemon face mask

Having some stress related skin issues? Clear your skin with these adorable Pokemon themed face masks.

Harry Potter Bubble Bath

harry potter buble bath

Ever wish you could create your own potions? Create a sleeping draught of your very own and decompress from a long day at work or school with this Harry Potter themed bath set.

Dr. Who Bath Bomb

dr who bath bomb

Keeping in with the bath theme (because who doesn’t love baths, amirite?) take advantage of these cool Dr. Who themed bath bombs.

Marvel Journal

marvel journal

If writing out your thoughts and feelings throughout the day is more your method of decompression, do it in style with this marvel comic themed journal.

Star Trek Wine Glasses

star trek wine glasses

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine after a stressful day? Live long and prosper with these Star Trek themed wine glasses.

DC Ice Cream

dc ice cream

Support your local crime fighters and indulge in this sweet treat! Ice cream tends to lessen the stress of any day so why not eat DC hero themed ice cream in flavors such as Golden Lasso and Dark Knight.

Overwatch Lunchbox

overwatch lunchbox

If you are like me, meal prepping for the week is a great form of stress relief and ensures that my week runs smoothly. Pack your meal prep in this awesome Overwatch lunchbox and show your office/classmates what your interests are.

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