I realize it’s been some time since I’ve posted. I’ve received countless messages over the last few months asking if I would be posting a review of this or that and I haven’t truly had an answer. We all know life tends to get in the way of the things we love to do and with entertaining some new opportunities, writing has taken more of a backseat in my life. I wanted to be writing but everytime I’d sit in front of my computer, a blank screen would stare back at me. The writers block combined with a new, hectic schedule, made it seem as though Nerdy Babes Brunch would be done for good. But, I couldn’t help but feel as though a vital piece of my life was missing.

Starting and creating Nerdy Babes Brunch has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. From this site I have been able to go out and explore some amazing places within my own city as well as meet so many other individuals that adore the same nerdy things as me. But throughout this hiatus, I found that reviews weren’t the only thing I wanted to – or was capable of – writing. I wanted to share my con experiences, my travels, even my favorite comic book shop down the street. And so naturally, being the all or nothing sort, I stopped writing all together. Stopped the reviews and just took some time to think. As far as I could see, my options were to stop writing all together, or to start considering the option of a rebrand. Although I love what I have been able to create through NBB – it just wasn’t who I was anymore. And from that thought stemmed the even more daunting task of changing something that I loved so much into something I hoped to love even more.

With some careful thought, I’ve decided to utilize my platform in the way that I want to. No longer a slave to NBB and the standards I originally set for myself. I’m excited to announce that Nerdy Babes Brunch will now be known as Nerd Girl in the Desert. I still love to document my thoughts on the shows/movies/books I love to consume – and trust and believe brunch will always be a focus – but now I am not so limited in what I can write about. You can definitely expect a variety of topics to be covered and I hope you all are as excited about this change as I am.


To all the people that have followed me throughout this journey, thank you. Nerdy Babes Brunch wouldn’t have taken me to the places it has without you. Thank you for reading my posts, ordering gear and letting me know your thoughts. My only hope is that you will continue with me through this journey and its evolution into something we all can love and enjoy.

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