This Sunday was all about comfort food due to all of the rain here in what is supposed to be the valley of the sun. A friend and I decided to meet at Windsor, located in central Phoenix. Windsor is a small restaurant filled with lots of windows, so I enjoy coming on cloudy days where the restaurant is dim and has a distinct Portland vibe to it. I adore Windsor, not only because the food is delicious but they also have a rotating $5 drink menu filled with interesting concoctions. On this particular visit I decided to try the No. 2 containing vodka, organic peach nectar, peche de vigne, and cava. It was refreshing and perfectly accompanied the light and fluffy order of beignets we received as an appetizer. By the way, please please do yourself a favor and order the beignets during your visit. They are delicious and served with a side of strawberry jam to dip them in – absolutely to die for.


I wasn’t quite in the mood for breakfast considering we ordered close to noon, so I ordered off the regular menu instead of the one designated for brunch. I decided on their Backyard Burger, prepared Windsor style. That means this particular burger came with sharp cheddar, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions. The garlic aioli is divine and the carmelized onions melt in your mouth creating a symphony of simple yet delicious flavors. My only complaint is that the burger is so juicy that the bottom bun becomes a soppy mess relatively quickly, causing the burger to fall apart.


You definitely can’t go wrong with any item on the menu, as everything I’ve tried has been phenomenal. I assume that is the general consensus of the small neighborhood spot as brunch can get crowded with some hefty weight times depending on the time of day. Do yourself a favor and visit Windsor on Central Ave in Phoenix if you have the ability to do so!

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