OHSO Brewery

I’m sure it’s pretty apparent that I adore brunch but I love brunch for a cause even more. So last week when a charity I occasionally volunteer for hosted a brunch fundraiser, I was the first in line. The event was hosted at OHSO Brewery, the Paradise Valley location. The huge outdoor patio is a big selling point for this location, especially in Arizona where outdoor seating is  possible for the majority of the year. Space heaters accompany every table and I was thankful because it was a little chilly out first thing in the morning.

OHSO has one of the largest, and best, varieties of beer in just about any brunch location I’ve been to. Whether you prefer light and refreshing or dark and full bodied, there is a beer here for you. However on this particular trip it felt a tad bit early for beer so I decided to go with a mimosa. The mimosas here are served in a huge wine goblet and are just the right proportion of orange juice and champagne.


Now for the food, my sister ordered the chicken and waffles. The plate was a heaping portion of three waffles, two fried thighs and four giant pieces of bacon. The chicken was crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. The waffle was fluffy and the bacon was delicious.


I, on the other hand, ordered the breakfast bowl with steak. I wasn’t as crazy about my dish as I was about the chicken and waffles. A lot of my steak, which is a $5 upcharge by the way, was fatty or gristly. The cheese on top is not melted and actually cold so the combination of cheese, sour cream and guacamole make the entirety of the dish cold within minutes. I ended up not eating much of it to be quite honest.


Although I was a bit disappointed with my meal, I would definitely go back to OHSO Brewery to try something new. The service was wonderful and after a few more mimosas, I was content.

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