Bird Box

After the pressures of social media has been vigourously applied, and that Trevante Rhodes was a star, I decided to check out Netflix’s Bird Box. The only knowledge I had going in was the plethora of (hilarious) memes twitter was churning out about a blindfolded Sandra Bullock and that people either loved the film or hated it. With those tidbits fresh in my mind, I got my popcorn ready and started the movie.

Overall, I didn’t hate Bird Box. The acting displayed by Sandra Bullock was wonderful. She was tough, resourceful and had a get things done mentality. Even while pregnant with her son she was ready to face these unknown creatures head on which was a trope we don’t see very often in the horror genre. My thoughts immediately go to the likes of Train to Busan or Dawn of the Dead. All possessed pregnant women who were feeble and needed to be protected.

I absolutely adored Trevante Rhodes in this film. He seemed to be the only character that had any sense in the movie. He was the first to cover windows and ensure the safety of everyone else while still possessing his wit. He wasn’t prepared to let anything happen to his housemates but he also did not let his fear cloud his compassion for others wandering the outside. I was frustrated with his death as it felt unnecessary. Why was the entire family not able to escape through the back route that was planned?

That also brings me to a few plot holes. How did this unseen demon decide who killed themselves immediately and who became zombie like creatures to force others to see? I would have actually liked a little more hint as to what these creatures ‘looked’ like. The drawings just weren’t enough for me, which made this horror film pretty lacking in the horror aspect. I would have preferred more focus on the development of the creatures than the all out gore of the suicides of the people, but hey, that’s just me.

Bird Box isn’t revolutionary by any means, and could stand to be a lot shorter, but its watchable. Although one viewing was more than enough for me.

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