Widows, the highly anticipated Steve McQueen film starring Viola Davis, has been high on my ‘must watch’ list from the moment that I saw the teaser trailer months ago. I am a huge fan of Viola Davis and in many ways she embodies the determination and drive that I aspire to demonstrate in my own life. Not only was her performance powerful, as well as those of her cast mates, but she exuded power and resilience through the entirety of the film. Viola was able to perfectly articulate her emotions on screen without ever uttering a word. Her grief over losing her husband, a man she truly loved despite the difficulties in their marriage, as well as her acceptance of the situation and what she needed to do.

I truly adored every blood thirsty, action packed moment from the second the film began. This isn’t a film about a highly skilled set of people coming together to pull off a heist. Just a group of women with nowhere else to turn to, doing what needs to be done. I enjoyed the snippets of their training and realizing the extent of the danger they were in. What they lacked in physical training and heist experience, they made up for it with intelligence and thorough planning.

Daniel Kaluuya proved himself to be an incredible bad guy. I hated him. He was cruel and completely ruthless but he surely delivered results. Daniel was everything a good henchman should be: cold and calculating. To be quite honest, I was happy to see that he got what he deserved in the end.

It was extremely hard to root for either political opponent in this film, the cause of the heist gone wrong in the first place. Jack Mulligan, played by Collin Farrell, was battling for his father’s seat but their family had done nothing for that area of Chicago. The only driving force for him seemed to be greed. However, Jamal Manning, played by Brian Tyree Henring, didn’t seem to be much better. Although he grew up in the neighborhood he wished to represent, he was deeply involved in crime.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call Widows a ‘feel good’ movie, the conclusion was a satisfactory one. It seemed the women all reached a sense of closure about the situation, or as close to closure as was possible. Containing every single element required for an incredible heist film, Widows is definitely in my top 5 films for this year. Go see it in theaters now!

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