The Serving Spoon

It’s been a long time in the making but I’m ready to finally introduce a new segment to the site, brunch review! We are kicking off this aspect of the site with Inglewood’s very own, The Serving Spoon.

The Serving Spoon, lovingly dubbed an Urban Eatery offers a variety of soul food choices from the classic chicken and waffles to the less conventional liver and onions. I arrived at about 10:30AM on a Saturday morning after travelling from Phoenix, AZ for a film festival and there was already quite the wait. Although the wait wasn’t quite as long as we were quoted, my group was definitely hungry and ready to dig in. I passed table after table of grits and even catfish nuggets and it all smelled delicious.

I ended up ordering the Cookie which consisted of a waffle and a huge portion of chicken wings. The Serving Spoon doesn’t have a very large drink menu for those of you, like me, that believe brunch must contain a side of champagne. However, they did offer a pineapple juice and champagne drink called Stevie’s favorite.

Overall, all the food was absolutely delicious. The chicken was juicy and the waffle was golden and buttery. My table received a side of grilled cornbread and it, hands down, was my favorite part of the meal.

The staff is as friendly as could be, although I wouldn’t recommend going if you are in any sort of rush. If you have the opportunity to do so, I highly highly recommend visiting the folks over at the Serving Spoon!

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