Halloween: A Near Perfect Continuation 40 Years in the Making

With the subpar attempts made in the past of recreating classics from the slasher genre, to say that I was hesitant about Halloween was an understatement. However, from the opening credit scene it became evident that John Carpenter intended to stick to the formula that made the original Halloween so incredibly popular through the years.

I adored the decision made to elevate Halloween from strictly a slasher film to a real look at the effects of PTSD on survivors. Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode was absolutely phenomenal. She so perfectly captured what it would be like to know that a seemingly immortal killer could be after you at any moment. She was unpredictable and paranoid, all of the elements you would expect someone to exhibit after watching her entire group of friends be murdered in one night. This film also seemed to present the question as to what that kind of trauma does to a person. Instead of being able to let it go, Laurie turned vengeful. When she realizes Michael has escaped from the mental hospital he was contained in the past 40 years, she demonstrates more resolve then ever before. Her one purpose at that moment in time became hunting Michael down and killing him once and for all.

It seems Michael had a violent inducing effect on more than just Laurie. We see his doctor turn on the Sheriff and put on the mask. This isn’t the first time that we see a doctor of Michael Meyer’s turn a bit obsessive, even crazed. We see this behavior demonstrated in Dr. Lumis in the original Halloween.

I enjoyed a lot of the parallels that were drawn to the original film. One of my favorites being when Laurie was thrown out of the window and then disappearing. The exact same tactic Michael used in the first Halloween film. As a matter of fact, the entire ending battle gave me goosebumps. I loved seeing the three women face Michael in such a bold, sure way.

Which brings me to the ending scene of Allyson holding the knife. It makes me curious as to whether a decision will be made to follow the route of Halloween 4 in a future film. As we know in Halloween 4, Laurie’s daughter is psychologically connected to Michael and a piece of his spirit is attached to her. Although none of the additional Halloween movies were used as cannon for this film, it leaves the possibility open to explore this storyline. I personally would be perfectly content with this film being the final in the franchise but we know Hollywood likes to take successful films and run them into the ground. If you get the opportunity, I highly recommend going to see Halloween in theaters.


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