Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb Review

Daughters of the Lake is a beautiful yet haunting tale of love, secrets and the meaning of family. This story opens to Kate, having moved back home with her parents after discovering her husband in the midst of an affair, feeling at a loss as to what direction her life should go in. However one morning, Kate and her family discover a body that has washed up at the shore of the lake that makes up the families back yard. The body is that of a woman and what seems to be her infant child and Kate recognizes her immediately. This particular woman has been visiting her dreams for the past three weeks. Kate soon embarks on a quest to discover the identity of the missing woman and what message she is trying to convey from the other side.

This novel was the perfect combination of history, mystery and just the right amount of the supernatural. I loved the folklore that intertwined the lives of Addie and Kate. I’ve always felt a connection with water and so I related closely to Addie in that aspect. The connection to a lake spirit, the likes of which were worshipped as gods in regions near water throughout history, was incredible. Familial legends and folklore such as this one was a joy to read.

I also enjoyed the concept of spirits of the past involving themselves in the lives of the people of the present. This novel blended the spirits of family members passed so well with the elements of the mystery. I believe everyone has thought at least once in their life whether or not people they have loved are watching over them. In Daughters of the Lake there was a confirmation of that fact. Not only are family members watching, but they comfort you when you are sad and celebrate your victories without you being any wiser.

I enjoyed this novel immensely and am looking forward to checking out some other titles from this author. Daughters of the Lake is the perfect read for the fall. Ominous yet hopeful, dark and yet full of love; Daughters of the Lake should definitely be on your reading list this season.

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