Slenderman Review

Slenderman, having been created as an internet meme in 2009, shares a very similar desire to terrorize children that made the likes of the boogeyman live in infamy. Whereas movies like The Possession or Sinister created an undeniably creepy vibe as well as a story line that could be followed, all fronts that Slenderman completely and utterly lacked.

The first major issue about Slenderman for me was the acting. I am not entirely sure if the intention of the writers, directors and actors was to inspire a ‘so bad it’s good’ mentality within its audience but instead it was just bad. I was completely taken out of the story through every piece of choppy dialogue. The four main characters were supposedly best friends but the interactions between them didn’t suggest anything more than those of acquaintances.

The story line had so many holes that it made almost the entirety of the movie watching experience unbearable. None of the actions or reactions made any sense and it wasn’t clarified throughout the movie. I think my biggest issue was the resolution. Supposedly if a character sacrificed herself, Slenderman would go away. This whole sequence was just madness. Why was the little sister in the hospital? Does it still count as a sacrifice when you ran away and didn’t give yourself over willingly? Who would Slenderman know to leave alone when you don’t clarify who you are sacrificing yourself for? The entirety of the theater was at a loss.

I especially had an issue with the design of Slenderman himself. There was absolutely nothing scary or creepy about this film except for a handful of the traditional jump scares. The audience would be startled from something popping out but anytime there was an extended shot of Slenderman I’m pretty sure I yawned.

Unfortunately, Slenderman just didn’t live up to its internet counterpart’s infamy. I couldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, especially those familiar with the background of the character or enjoyers of horror films.

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