The Equalizer II Review

Any movie containing the acting abilities of Denzel Washington is usually a 10 out of 10 in my book. Although not as enticing as the first Equalizer film, I thoroughly enjoyed this second installment of nonstop action and suspense.

The number one aspect that made this film fall short of its predecessor was the lack of a strong villain. In the first Equalizer film we become intimately acquainted with Teddy, the bloodthirsty enforcer of the Russian mafia. We understand Teddy’s motives and particular style of disassociative violence. This was not the case in this film. The villain of the film ended up being Robert’s close friend and previous partner. However, there was no development of the relationship. Everything was implied while talking about ‘the old days’. I only wish there had been flashbacks or some sort of visible connection to the past to really enforce this so called bond between the men.

On the other hand, I just wanted to mention this cool motif of water that has tied these films together. I thought it was extremely interesting visually to highlight the duality of water and tie that in to Robert McCall’s character. Sometimes Robert is at peace. He genuinely enjoys helping people and setting them onto the right track as is demonstrated with his relationship with Miles. This pairs up with the calmness of the sea. Sometimes the water can be a peaceful place and somewhere to find calm. On the other hand, the final show down takes place during a hurricane. This to me showcases Robert’s more dangerous side. He can be completely unfeeling and merciless.

Speaking of the character of Miles, Ashton Sanders was a complete joy to behold. He was heartfelt and genuine and those characteristics shone through every moment he was on film. I appreciated that his vulnerabilities were showcased as opposed to what Robert was capable of.

I enjoyed every brutal second of this film despite its few shortcomings. If you are a bit squeamish or not a fan of violence, I would avoid this film as it is a bit more graphic than the first. However, if those aspects don’t bother you then I would highly recommend checking out Equalizer 2!


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