Siren 1×04: On the Road

Episode four of Freeform’s show Siren focused on the mermaids themselves and I could not be more pleased. We finally were able to understand these creatures a bit better and I enjoyed the attention to detail this episode demonstrated.

This episode certainly started with a bang, showing Chris and the captured mermaid finally able to make a bloody escape from the military base they’ve been held in since the first episode. We find out that mermaids actually molt out of their tail in this episode which I found fascinating. Up until this point, I had just assumed that it was more of a transformation similar to the one they undergo in the water. We also learn that the reason Ryn and her sister were captured is because there is a major food shortage in the ocean. Ryn and her sister needed to get closer to the surface to hunt for food.

In this episode, the theme of trust between Ben, Maddie and Ryn is also reinforced. Ben wants Ryn to wear a tracker for when she returns to the ocean and Ryn agrees. I still think that Ben has some growing to do in terms of his treatment of Ryn. It shows that he still thinks of her as one of his sea lions instead of the mystical creature that she is. The chemistry that all these characters share is wonderful. Ben and Maddie truly seem to love and respect each other. Despite all the mermaid madness they keep each other grounded and are able to disagree without an issue. Ben and Maddie are probably one of the healthiest TV relationships I’ve seen in a long time and it is refreshing to watch.

Based on the preview of next week’s episode, things are going to start heating up in Bristol Cove. Although there has been a lack of major conflict in the show up to date it seems that small issue is going to be corrected soon.

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