Siren 1×03: Interview with a Mermaid

In the third episode of Siren we see Ryn still searching for her sister but more willing to accept help from Ben and Maddie. The focus of this episode seems to be trust. Maddie and Ben want Ryn to trust them to help her find her sister. Some of that trust is established between the three of them when Ryn allows Ben and Maddie to run some tests on her to get a better understanding of this new species. We see that Ryn seems to be forming a special connection between Ben and Maddie. Although if that is due to them both being under the siren’s spell or if their feelings are true remains to be seen. Regardless, after this episode, Maddie and Ryn and my new favorite ship for sure. The final scene in the episode where Ryn crawls into bed with Maddie and Ben was completely endearing and the shock on their faces was priceless.

I am absolutely loving the progression of this show and believe it is moving at a great pace. We seem to be getting answers to the questions that were introduced in the first episode and I am anxious to know more in the town of Bristol Cove. Eileen Powell, playing the part of Ryn, continues to take my breath away. She has completely embodied these qualities of being almost childlike in her discovery of the new things on land while also maintaining the fact that she is completely dangerous. Tune in with me next week to catch the next episode of Freeform’s Siren!

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