Siren Review

Freeform’s Siren opens to action immediately. A group of fishermen are out on the seas when they pull in something that they have never seen before. Once this creature is on board, it attacks a crew member. The fishermen call for help and are surprised when a military helicopter shows up immediately, taking the creature and their crew mate as well, and then disappearing into the night. The remainder of this two hour premiere introduces us to the mystical town of Bristol Cove, where they capitalize on mermaids much like area 51 does with aliens, as well as its residents.

I love mermaids more than anyone I know. It has always been a fascinating subject because tales of mermaids have roots in seafaring cultures spanning across time as well as the globe. I’ve always enjoyed representations of mermaids in books much more than movies. For some reason, we have come up with this idea that mermaids always have to be portrayed as beautiful, peaceful, man loving creatures but that was never how I pictured them. I much preferred the representations of mermaids being predatory creatures. So naturally, I was skeptical of the treatment of a mermaid show by Freeform. I worried that it would be campy or cheesy or geared towards kids. I am so happy to report that that is not the case with Siren. This show is dark and mysterious and I was completely thrilled about it. There is violence and suspense and I love the design of the mermaids. One of the best aspects of this show so far for me was the diverse cast. We were introduced to a variety of people and it was so refreshing to see. With conversations of the importance of representation, this show really hit the nail on the head.

I am counting down the hours until next Thursday to tune in to this new show. I hope that the momentum that was created in the first two episodes will be able to carry through the rest of the season. Did you watch the premiere of Siren last night? What are some of your thoughts? Let us know!

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