Jessica Jones Season 2 Review

Season 2 of Jessica Jones shows the same reluctant heroine we’ve come to know from both the first season of Jessica Jones as well as the Defenders. It was frustrating to me to see that no real growth has been made with Jessica’s character. She’s still a grumpy, mopey woman hell bent on destroying anything remotely positive in her life. She pushes away anyone that could attempt to care about her. I just wished we saw some sort of development now that we as an audience have become acquainted with her.Coming off the high that was Black Panther, a movie that truly highlighted and showcased powerful women, this show was a bit hard to sit through.  However, I will say we do learn much more about Jessica’s past in this season and start to understand some of her motives.

Trish Walker made this season almost completely unwatchable for me. She was selfish, manipulative and proved over and over again that the only thing that matters to her is her incessant pursuit of powers. Her character was ridiculously privileged and it showed. Instead of realizing the power in her affluence and position in life, she was always jealous of Jessica and her abilities. I am so upset that this spoiled brat is going to be the screen adaptation of Hell Cat and I don’t know if I could stomach to watch it.

One of my favorite characters in the whole season is Jerry Hogarth. I love that she is strong in the face of her illness. I love that she is a get things done type of individual. Hogarth is a character that we have seen over and over again but never as a woman. It’s just a joy to behold and I’m glad that the creators made that consistent throughout the season.

I found this season so strange in that there was no true ‘bad guy’. The scientist that created Jessica truly was operating from a positive place although his methods might have been flawed. The re-emergence of Jessica Jones’ mother was a surprise for sure but she wasn’t truly bad either, just damaged. I also didn’t much understand the lack of any ‘crossover’. Post-Defenders, I don’t think there is any reason why we don’t even get a glimpse of any other character. They share a city and you are telling me in the midst of all these horrific murders Daredevil or Luke Cage didn’t think to just stop by and see what was going on? Especially one taking place right in front of Jessica’s house?

Despite the issues I had with this season, I cannot take away the fact that watching it was an entertaining ride. There were lots of twists and turns, although some were pretty predictable. I do have to say that I am more excited for Daredevil Season 3 now more than ever. What did you think of Jessica Jones season 2?


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