Ink Witch (Kat Dubois Chronicles Book 1) Review

Kat Dubois is a retired immortal assassin with the power to see the future with her enchanted deck of tarot cards. Kat, determined to hide from her past, spends her days drinking and tattooing in her small shop in Seattle. One day, someone from her past shows up on her front door, informing her that her brother Dominic is missing and asking for help to find him. In order to find her missing brother, Kat must reconcile with the traumas of her past and rebuild the relationships she distanced herself from long ago.

The premise of this novel is interesting enough – a race of immortal individuals based in Egyptian mythology – but it just couldn’t hold my attention. I believe there is a fine line between brooding hero and whiny and Kat tended to be more of the latter to me. I understand that she is also developmentally frozen at 18 but being a successful assassin (as well as being actually over 40 years old) should afford you some ways to cope with life.

This novel was interesting at times, just not enough for me to want to continue the series. Although I would not be opposed to trying out a few other titles by this author.

Check out this title on Amazon here: Ink Witch

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