Craig Robinson at Stand Up Live!

Last night I got the opportunity to attend Craig Robinson in person at Stand Up Live! As a woman, it is always an interesting experience going out alone to these types of events. We never really know what the crowd will be like and people seem to think it almost taboo to see a woman at a comedy club alone. All night I was pestered with questions like “How many? Oh, just you? Are you sure?”. But I’m glad that I fared the barrage of personal questions to see this show.

The show started off strong with a hilarious host – to which I’m completely devastated that I cannot remember his name – picking on audience members and asking them where they lived. The answer that was shouted back was ‘Chandler!’. To which the host, a native New Yorker, replied “what in the hell is a Chandler? Is that your boyfriend’s name?” The audience, a large majority apparently from Chandler, erupted in laughter. The host was very talented in that he was able to engage his audience and keep them interested in what he had to say. The commentary of the evening was pretty safe, politically speaking. I think the whole evening I heard one joke referring to Trump.

Now, I had never seen Craig Robinson’s stand up before. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I just knew that I enjoyed his performances in the few movies of his that I’ve seen (Hot Tub Time Machine, This Is The End..) I should have known better considering he plays the same silly, musically inclined character in each of those movies. Craig Robinson walked out from behind the curtain and I simultaneously learned two things: 1. Craig Robinson is a GIANT, I hadn’t expected for him to tower over everyone like that and 2. Craig Robinson played himself to a T in This Is The End. He walked out with a towel behind his head, a baggy, nondescript t-shirt on and sat right down in front of his keyboard. A spot that he did not move from the entire evening. He even sang the infamous ‘Take Your Panties Off” song. He seems to have a pretty solid grasp of what women like and it had a hilarious outcome. Overall, Craig Robinson is hilarious, although I’m not sure that I would see him live again as the event feels more concert, than stand up live special.

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