The Nia Rivers Adventures, Books 1-3 : Dragon Bones, Demeter’s Tablet, Templar Scrolls

The Nia Rivers Adventures, by Jasmine Walt and Ines Johnson, chronicles the adventures of archaeologist Dr. Nia Rivers. Nia happens to have a unique perspective on history, considering she witnessed most of it with her own eyes. Nia is one of twelve immortals walking the Earth. They are not sure what they are or how they came to be, but if they spend an extended amount of time with one another, they experience a weakness that would gradually turn them human. This is somewhat of an issue for Nia considering she is in a relationship with another immortal, Zane. They have spent the majority of their 500 year relationship apart but Nia does not mind too much as she occupy’s her time saving artifacts and putting them in the museums of the world – except for the select few she keeps for herself to put in her personal collection. When returning from another successful dig, Nia encounters Loren Van Alst, a known tomb raider. Loren wants Nia to go with her to China to find some missing dragon bones and redeem her father’s name.¬† On this adventure Nia learns that most of her memories from the last few thousand years are spotty at best and the dragon bones might help to uncover why she has been having nightmares and why strange ninjas keep popping up to kill her.

In Demeter’s Tablet, Loren manages to rope Nia into another adventure – this time to find a cult that supposedly gives humans eternal life. There is a missing ancient tablet that depicts a ceremony for this cult but it was stolen many years ago. In Greece, Nia and Loren encounter gods and goddesses, giant orgy parties, and more of Nia’s memories of the past emerge.

In Templar’s Scrolls, Loren and Nia find themselves in Camelot. Yes, that Camelot, with Arthur, Lancelot and all the other knights of the round table. Arthur has asked Nia for help in translating ancient scrolls so that he can locate the Holy Grail. The knights have protected ancient artifacts and can be a bit stingy in terms of letting Nia take a peek at them over the years. So of course she jumps at the opportunity to be inside the fortress and locate the Holy Grail. When it turns out that the Knights of Templar are hunting down and killing all magical beings, the quest turns more deadly than the group was expecting.

I’ve been in a bit of a rut when it comes to the urban fantasy genre, as you all could probably tell. I’ve been going through book after book of disappointing material. I don’t know what made me take the chance on this series. Maybe the fact that Nia Rivers is an archaeologist and that had been my dream since I was a kid. But I am so glad that I took that chance. I adored this series more than any I’ve read in a while. The writing was phenomenal, I couldn’t tell that there were two authors. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Nia’s adventures throughout the world and throughout time. I loved that the focus of the stories weren’t the men in her life – it was the friendship between Nia and Loren. These authors did an amazing job when it came to utilizing actual history and spinning it just enough for it to become magical. I am anxious to continue the series and to see what other pieces of history Nia will uncover.

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