Banshee Blues Review

Most of the novels I pick up are by chance. Banshee Blues was no exception. The title seemed interesting enough so I thought I would give it a chance. In this novel we are told the story of Darcey Thorne, a banshee, that works as a bounty hunter for the faerie court. However, working for the faerie court does not pay any of the bills so she also works as a private detective. One day in the office a woman from a wealthy family hires Darcey to help her find her husband, who she believes to have gotten involved in some trouble. While investigating the whereabouts of the missing husband, Darcey is contracted by the faerie court to bring in MacNa, apparently an old friend to Darcey, for refusing a duel- which in the honor bound fae culture, that was extremely frowned upon. This leads Darcey down a path that she did not deem possible.

I was thoroughly disappointed with this novel. Apparently there is another series from this author and this book is supposed to take place in that world as well. But this book is almost completely unreadable without the content of the previous novels. It is almost as if you are dropped in the middle of the story and just have to piece things together from there. None of the relationships are explained, none of the situations or powers. The reader is just assumed to have that knowledge already. That would be fine, if the book was marketed as a continuation of another series, not the start of a new one. The writing and events were interesting enough but I was distracted from the story as a whole because I was wondering what I was missing. I wish I would have known before starting this novel that this was the case because I would have gladly started the other series first. However, I just feel a bit turned off at this point. I may try to start the other series at some other time but as of right now that just isn’t the case.

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