No Exit Review

No Exit by Taylor Adams is a suspenseful novel about Darby Thorne. Darby has a difficult relationship with her mother and decides to leave her hometown to attend college at CU-Boulder. Her plans to stay on campus for Christmas were shattered when Darby receives a text from her sister letting her know that their mother has cancer. Rushing to get back home before her mother enters surgery, Darby hits the road. On her way, she encounters a huge snow storm that makes the roads impossible to traverse in her little Honda. Darby decides to stop at a small rest stop until the snow plows arrive and clear the roads. Upon entering the rest stop, she sees that there are 4 strangers also trapped. While wandering the parking lot trying to get service on her cell phone, a large van draws her attention. She peeks inside just to satisfy her curiosity, and instead of tools she finds a child in a cage. Darby now realizes that she is trapped at a rest stop with four complete strangers and any one of them could be the abductor.

No Exit is one of the best books I have read in a long time. The suspense starts relatively quickly in the book and it doesn’t let up until the last second. I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat almost the entire time. I just could not put the novel down. I had to find out what happened to Darby and the little girl. The writing is phenomenal and makes you feel as though you are right there at that rest stop with her. The book also makes you pose the question: What would you do in this situation? Definitely a hard question to answer. Most people would not throw themselves into danger and the unknown for a stranger like Darby did. The ending wrapped up the story beautifully although to say I wasn’t chewing my nails until the last sentence would be a lie. If you enjoy suspenseful thrillers with a kick ass heroine then this is definitely the novel for you.

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