Why I Love Batman Forever

Scrolling through the channels one day, I saw that Batman Forever was on so I decided to watch. As soon as the Warner Bros. logo morphed into the bat symbol an overwhelming sense of nostalgia took me over. Batman Forever, and yes even Batman & Robin, were some of the first comic book movies I ever watched. I remember watching them on VHS and truly believing they are some of the greatest movies ever made. As an adult, I can acknowledge some of its flaws, but I have to say that I still adore these movies and I’ll tell you why.


First of all, Val Kilmer was a great Batman. Despite the rumors of difficulty on set, Val Kilmer was able to deliver a serious yet light-hearted Batman. Especially with the complaints of current incarnations of Batman being too dark and serious, I can appreciate the lightness (and blonde-ness!) of Val Kilmer’s Batman. The suit was great, and let’s not forget that iconic dressing scene with the close up of the Bat-behind! I also enjoyed the stray away from a Joker based movie. I will never take away the fact that Joker is an iconic villain but it was refreshing to have him not be the focus. The performance by Tommy Lee Jones as Harvey Dent (aka Two-Face) and Jim Carrey as Riddler was phenomenal. Much more tolerable than Danny DeVito eating raw fish in a diaper in my humble opinion, but that’s neither here nor there. One of my favorite character introductions in the film is the circus scene where Robin is introduced. We see that he is apart of a family of acrobats and they are killed right in front of him.


This film is a campy ode to the original Batman – Adam West. There is a great mix of dark and light that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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