Justice League Review

It’s pretty obvious that the DCEU has had some trouble finding it’s footing. Trying to balance between humor and dark circumstances has proven to be difficult for the writers and directors. However, I am happy to report that this was not the case for Justice League. Was it a perfect superhero film? Not by any means. But was it an extremely fun ride? Yes, yes and more yes.

The film starts off where Batman v Superman left off. Batman feels there is a threat coming, thanks to the strange Parademons popping up all over the country, so his effort is focused on gathering a team together that will be able to stop it. Ensues the introduction of Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Barry Allen (The Flash), Victor Stone (Cyborg), and of course the Themysciran princess, Diana Prince (Wonder Woman).

There was a lot of information that needed to be imparted during this movie, so it did feel rushed at times. The combination of character introductions and tone setting seemed to take up some serious screen time, but it was necessary due to several main characters not having a solo film out yet. I was a little disappointed in the treatment of Aquaman. Jason Momoa being cast was the most exciting aspect of the film for me but it seemed he was put on the back burner a bit throughout the film. I am curious if that was due to his solo film being released soon or if there just wasn’t enough time to focus on everyone. Arthur Curry definitely had some great moments in the film though, as did all the characters. Cyborg really stole the show for me. Ray Fisher really captured the internal conflict Victor was feeling.  Ezra Miller as the Flash was perfection. I have to admit to being a bit skeptical about his casting but he truly delivered. He proved to be a much needed comic relief to the usually dark and gritty DC movie. Steppenwolf – the main protagonist – really took a backseat in the film. Between new characters being introduced and then the budding relationship between them left no time for the villain to feel like a real threat.

Overall, I am impressed with the direction that the DC universe is heading. This film was a funny, superpower-packed experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the cast. It truly reminded me why I have always been a Justice League fan from the comics to the animated series.

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