My thoughts on Stranger Things 2

I have to admit, and it pains me to do so, but I was a late bloomer when it comes to Stranger Things. When the first season was released, it seemed everyone was completely enraptured with the show. I immediately put it on my ever growing ‘to be watched’ list. I painstakingly avoided any and all Stranger Things related articles, tweets and posts as to not spoil anything. Then all of a sudden, news was coming out that the second season was starting. It became exponentially harder to avoid the topic of Stranger Things and it’s amazing, and completely adorable, cast. Finally, when the second season was released I had to avoid social media like the plague. Stranger Things had gone to the very top of the list of things to watch. This past weekend, I decided enough was enough and binged both seasons.

The first season of Stranger Things was incredible. I was actually a bit disappointed in myself that it took me this long to watch it. I was already a huge fan of Finn Wolfhard from IT, and he really reinforced that in Stranger Things. As a matter of fact, the entire group (or party as they called themselves) were just incredible. Millie Bobby Brown (playing Eleven) had the emotional range that I don’t think most adult actresses can muster all without saying very much. The first season had me completely engaged. I was trying to figure out the intricacies and the rules of the Upside Down before it was figured out on the show. As a self admitted Lord of the Rings fanatic, I loved all the references to it throughout the show. I felt connected with these kids because they were outsiders that liked unconventional things and I was the same way at that age.

As for the second season, I enjoyed it just not as much as the first. I felt like they were trying to recreate the same ambiance the first season had and just barely missed the mark. Will definitely gets the short end of the stick throughout the first and second season. You almost wonder why the parents haven’t all just up and moved their kids out of this town yet. We did get some interesting insight into who Eleven really is and what her past contains but it felt a bit rushed to me. The Winter Ball scene in the end was completely heartwarming though, and a nice finish to the season. I won’t go into too much detail, as the season is still relatively new but I’d love to discuss with you all about what you thought about this season and how it compares to the first! Let us know!

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