Residue Review/Response

Residue is the story of a private detective (Luke Harding) who, down on his luck and willing to take on any job, was hired by a crime lord to transport a mysterious box to a competitor. When on the road with the box, Luke was ambushed and his companions killed. Luke was able to escape and decided to see what was so special about the package he was given. At his home, Luke sees that it is an ancient journal of some sort and begins to read it. Very quickly Luke begins to realize that the journal contains supernatural abilities. In order to survive Luke must finish reading the journal without losing his mind first.

I just want to start by saying that this movie was the most convoluted, ridiculous story I’ve ever watched – and I’ve watched some pretty ridiculous things in my life. At any point in time there were about 5 story lines going on with no effort at all being made to connect them. The movie tried to establish rules about what this supernatural creature was capable of but then continued to break them at every turn. The perfect example of this is that apparently once you sit down to read the book you can’t stand back up or this hook thing will fly out of nowhere and kill you, but the characters were up walking around going about their life. It seemed as though the hook only appeared whenever the story was lagging.

The worst of the movie, for me, was the relationship between Luke and his daughter – who came to stay with him just as he received the book. There were these forced “deep” interactions between the two of them sprinkled randomly throughout the movie that made absolutely no sense. I’m not going to ruin the ending for those that still want to give it a chance but the relationship plays a big part. It had to be the most nonsensical horror movie ending ever. I felt completely cheated of the time I invested giving this movie a chance.

Bottom line is if you’re on acid, you may enjoy this movie a bit more because that’s what it feels like when you’re watching it.

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