The Babysitter Review/Response

I try to dedicate the entire month of October to watching horror films. I love Halloween and want to spend as much time as humanly possible celebrating it. So it was a typical Sunday afternoon for me scrolling through Netflix trying to find the next film to watch when I stumbled across The Babysitter. I read the description and figured it sounded interesting enough so I put it on.

Within the first few minutes of watching, I knew I was going to love this movie. It had the campy feel of the original Evil Dead and just as much gore. This movie is about a 12 year old boy named Cole who is absolutely terrified of everything from bullies to spiders to learning to drive. He also happens to be one of the only 12 year old kids in the neighborhood who still has a babysitter. When his parents decide to take off for the city for the weekend we are introduced to Bee the babysitter, a beautiful blonde teenager. Bee and Cole have a special relationship and are more friends than anything else. When its time for bed Bee offers Cole a shot of liquor to help him sleep. When she turns away, Cole afraid of even alcohol, dumps the shot out but pretends to take it. Cole was determined to stay awake to find out what Bee did while he slept. When the doorbell rang he got out of bed and from his vantage point crouched down at the top of the stairs, saw a group of teenagers walk in. The teenagers began to drink and play spin the bottle – just learning about the term ‘orgy’, that’s what he thought was going to happen.  He got a little more than he bargained for when the game turned deadly and one of the teenagers ended up with two knives to the head. Cole then has to face off with a group of attractive, devil worshipping teenagers in a fight for his life.

This movie is both silly and thrilling. I was surprised at the amount of recognizable actors that were in it – especially since I hadn’t previously heard of the movie. Stars from Pitch Perfect (Hana Mae Lee), The Flash (Robbie Amell) and Shake It Up (Bella Thorne) all headline this film.

If you like your scary movies on the cheesy side then you would definitely enjoy this coming of age story.

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