Gerald’s Game Review/Response

Gerald’s Game, a Netflix original film, is based on a Stephen King novel bearing the same name released in 1992. I had never read this particular novel so I went into watching this film knowing only what was implied by the trailer.

I really enjoy movies that follow a more realistic standpoint to scare you. Movies like Cujo, where although a bit far fetched, were still in the realm of possibility. This movie definitely had that feel. A husband and wife take a trip to a remote cabin to rekindle their love life as well as ultimately save their marriage.

The movie starts off innocent enough. Jessie purchases a new slip and arranges herself seductively on the bed, waiting for her husband Gerald to walk in the room. We see Gerald pop a Viagra and leave the prescription in plain sight as he walks up to his younger wife with a pair of handcuffs in his hands. That’s where things get a little messy. At first, it seems Jessie is okay with being handcuffed to the bed but as Gerald gets more and more aggressive she begins to panic and begs him to stop. Once he does they have a frank conversation about the intimacy issues they are suffering from, all while Jessie is still handcuffed. Gerald, seeming to space out for a moment starts to clutch at his chest, keels over and hits the floor. A growing puddle of blood forms under his head.

In the interest of keeping this review spoiler free, I won’t go into too much detail about the events that occur when she realizes she is truly trapped but understandably, Jessie begins to lose her mind. She begins to hallucinate talking to herself and her husband, which sometimes actually turned out to be helpful, other times not so much.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t so much about the stress of being trapped and alone, even though that was plenty stressful, but more an introspective look within herself and learning to survive not only the situation but actually learning to thrive in life and coping with her demons.

I enjoyed everything about this movie except for the Nosferatu looking creature at the end (that will make more sense once you actually watch the film). It felt forced, rushed and completely unnecessary to the film. It was like a collective decision was made when making this movie to throw in some “supernatural” element just for the hell of it.

I would recommend most people to watch this film, but as a warning, there is a suggestive scene between an adult and a minor which could be triggering to some people. Otherwise, it was another well done film from Netflix, perfect for the spooky vibe of the Halloween season.

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