Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review & Response

This review is going to be a bit more difficult than the others to keep spoiler free, but I’m going to do my best.

The action is this movie started from the very first second and was true to the style of the first movie. The first action sequence honestly felt like a little much for me. Visually I felt a bit overwhelmed. It seemed like the director was trying to capture the church scene from the original into a much more condensed format, not to mention in a much smaller space. Don’t get me wrong, it was incredible to see, just a bit busy for my taste. The scene really made me question whether or not I was going to enjoy this film as much as the first.

Thankfully, the first scene was the only ‘flaw’ I found with the movie. The rest of the movie was truly wonderful. Non stop action, violence and lots of laughs. Elton John really became my favorite part of the film. He stole every scene that he was in. And he was HILARIOUS! I couldn’t believe how funny he was. Julianne Moore proved to be a more than capable villain. Cold and calculating masked by an artificial pleasantness that really worked for the role. Pedro Pascal (playing the role of Whiskey) was wonderful. He was the perfect combination of southern charm and viciousness.

I was so happy that the creative decision was made to bring back Colin Firth as Harry Harth even though that was not apart of the comics. Harry fighting (the church scene, like are you serious?!) was one of my favorite parts of the first film and he certainly does not disappoint in the second.

And of course, how could I talk about Kingsman without mentioning Taron Egerton playing the part of Eggsy. I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this role any more perfectly. Taron is able to capture equal parts vulnerability and badassery (yes, I realize this isn’t a word) that you just can’t help but love him. He cares so deeply for the people – and dog – in his life and it is completely and utterly endearing in this film.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and would definitely see it again in theaters.

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