The Defenders

DISCLAIMER: I was completely and utterly blown away by Defenders, so bear with me if my review gets a little ramble-y. It took me 4 days to even formulate coherent thoughts, so here we go…

The Defenders was a beautiful combination of four very distinct personalities. I loved how the stories of each defender transitioned so perfectly to the next, how you could feel the inevitability of the Defenders meeting. When they finally did meet, I couldn’t have imagined a better scenario. The fact that Daredevil tied Jessica Jones’ scarf to hide his identity was amazing. It was almost silly but felt truly authentic and real to the situation. I was so incredibly happy how the Royal Dragon Chinese Restaurant became a refuge for the Defenders and they sat down to a “family” meal together. I loved the defining moment where Matt Murdock decided to take off the scarf and reveal himself to the rest of the group. That moment was so full of trust and vulnerability. Jessica Jones really tended to steal the show for me. I loved her snark and dark sense of humor. Her feeling overwhelmed and like a little fish in a big pond was so real to me. I loved that she wasn’t a skilled fighter. She never trained like Daredevil or Iron Fist. She was just strong and it worked in her favor. At one point she even made a comment saying something like ‘does everyone know Kung Fu around here?’.

Now let’s talk about what I didn’t like. Everyone that knows me, knows that I was a very vocal hater of Iron Fist. His official name never left my lips. I started using nicknames like “Iron Fish Flop” and “The Fish” and the most recent coined during Defenders “Bitch Face”. His character had no depth, nothing that drew me in. Throughout the Defenders, he didn’t have a single idea for himself. Actually, that’s not true. The one time he had an idea he summoned the fist and brought down the barrier, like an idiot. You don’t do the ONE thing the bad guys want you to do because you’re angry. Stupid, just plain stupid. His one shinning moment in all of the series was when Luke Cage and Iron Fist were fighting the Hand together in the office suite, the bad guys open fired on them. Iron Fist then jumped behind Luke Cage to shield him from the bullets. That scene was beautiful, it was straight from the comics. But then throughout the series Iron Fist continued to just be a giant boob who happened to have great fight sequences. The best being when Iron Fist fought with Elektra.

Overall, I loved the Defenders. The ending was a bit hard to get through, and not for the reasons you would think, but I recommend everyone who has really enjoyed what Netflix has been putting out to watch it. Have you seen Defenders yet? What about the Punisher teaser? Let’s discuss!


  1. I thought The Defenders was good. Which is saying a lot, considering I don’t read the comics, didn’t really like Daredevil, and knew better than to even try Iron Fist (I kept meaning to get around to Nick Cage…). I really only watched it because they actually did a really good job with Jessica Jones (girls are more interesting heroes anyway :P). I was disappointed that SW (trying to avoid spoilers) didn’t survive till the end. But again, I don’t read the comics. I’d give it a strong B+, maybe A-.


    1. Luke Cage is incredible, so definitely worth checking that one out. I would highly recommend Daredevil season 2 if you haven’t watched that strictly for how amazing Elektra and Punisher are.


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