Some quick thoughts on The Coldest City…

With all of the hype going on for Atomic Blonde, especially with some reviews being released, I wanted to talk a bit about the graphic novel that this movie was based on – The Coldest City.

The Coldest City is the story of Lorraine, a woman sent to Berlin in the waning days of the Cold War, to discover what has happened to a missing list that contains the names of every spy in Berlin. Ensues the plot to end the world.

I am pretty well versed in the spy genre. I love the idea of covert missions going on in everyday life. The unsung heroes that save the day again and again without any of the general populace being any wiser. However there is one glaring flaw. There is a severe lack of women, unless you count the love interest or bad guy sidekick turned good as proper representation. Lorraine really kicked those stereotypes to the curb. She was an interesting, tough as nails woman. In fact, I really thought all the characters were very developed and believable .

I really enjoyed the artwork in this graphic novel. Sam Hart was really able to capture an almost film-noir essence with his illustrations. There is some great use of negative space and the black and white theme hammered the point of the story.

There are many twists and turns in this story and I encourage you all to read it!

We are very excited to see Atomic Blonde, in theaters July 28th!

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